The 2016 Kodiak fishing report includes good weather news–the experts say that one of the strongest El Nino events in history has finally ended.   Weather and water temperatures impact fishing and El Nino brings warmer water to Alaska and drier conditions.   No matter the weather, I am always happy in Alaska on the water at a great fishing lodge.  Still, with the “Little Boy” finally gone, 2017 should be a more predictable fishing season.

A Challenging Year for Salmon

King Salmon fishing started off very good in May ahead of past years.  Fish were smaller—25 to 35 pound range and only a few 50 lb. hats were given out this year.  June was slower than usual but a few kings were caught for the rest of the season.

2016 Kodiak fishing report results were similar to all of Alaska and British Columbia.  Smaller king salmon were the norm in all areas.  Even in areas where hatchery fish are the bulk of the catch, there were fewer and smaller kings.   From talking with people throughout Alaska, every few years salmon runs just are much smaller.  El Nino may also have affected the number of fish coming in and their feeding patterns.

The silver salmon run in August into September was also smaller.   Fishing was very good in the rivers and there was one week with very large numbers.   Guides reported many fish in the water but feeding was slow.  This was again the case throughout the northern Pacific.   Anglers did catch salmon—just not in the numbers and size usually seen.

Bottom Fishing for Halibut and Ling Cod Was Fantastic

Every dark cloud has a silver lining and such is the case with the 2016 Kodiak fishing report.  In this case the lining is made of halibut and ling cod.  Bottom fishing was excellent throughout the season.  Good size halibut were caught in large numbers.  We gave out more 100 lb. halibut hats in 2016 than in the past several years.

Ling cod and yellow eye fishing was also very strong.  Many ling cod in the 30 lb. to 40 lb. were caught.  Other bottom fishing including black bass was also excellent throughout the season.  Guests went home will lots of fish although the halibut lovers have more to enjoy this year.

Fun Is Always In Great Supply

Weather and waters change and fish change with them.  The constant is the lifetime memories and just the fun of being with your family and friends in a special place.  No matter how many times I go fishing, the people I am with is always special.  I do care how many fish I catch but I care much more about the memories.

2017 Is Nearly Here

Every October I cannot believe the holidays are nearly here again with another great fishing season behind us.  May seems very far in the future with the hope of another great year of life fishing on the water.  Of course, by January you will be itching to get back to Kodiak and May will be right around the corner!

Thank you for coming to Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge and fishing with us. Keep us in mind and as you plan your next adventures.  I enjoy very much talking with all of you so if you have any questions or just want to see what is going on, please call me at 866-744-8777.

See you soon on the water.

~Lisa Montgomery