Alaska King Salmon & Silver Salmon Fishing

We troll for 30 to 90-pound King Salmon with down riggers and light tackle. The peak Trophy King Season runs from May 1st through July 15th, but they’re here all year long.  Our guests have won the Kodiak King Derby three years running!

King Salmon Fishing in Alaska

King (Chinook) salmon are one of the most prized catches out there due to their massive size, firm texture, and rich flavor. When it comes to King salmon fishing, Alaska offers an unbeatable experience! Peak Alaska king salmon fishing season runs from May through Mid-July, but they can be found here year-round. May through June is “Trophy King” season because during this time 30- to 90-pound kings feed in these Kodiak, Alaska waters and people come to catch the 50-pound plus chrome bright king salmon.

Silver Salmon Fishing in Alaska

Silver (Coho) salmon are fast, aggressive swimmers with a firm, mild, orange flesh that is great for canning or grilling, making them very popular with fishermen. Ten- to 22-pound Silver Salmon arrive in early July and are fished in much the same way we fish for Alaskan King Salmon. Alaska silver salmon fishing is at its peak from mid-August into September. Load up your fish boxes with five Silvers per day per person!  Add that to the rest of your catch and your home freezer will be FULL.

Alaska Salmon Fishing Daily Per Person Limits

Daily per person limits are 2 King Salmon (May – September).

Daily per person limits are 5 Silver Salmon (August – September)

Alaska Salmon Fishing Packages

Contact us to help you choose the best Alaska fishing packages and provide you with helpful information, including travel tips, what to pack, flight and travel details, and more.